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Solar Panels Dallas brings you the best systems for homes and businesses in the area.

We are serving the Greater Dallas DFW metroplex including the cities of Dallas, Fate, Forney, Fort Worth, Garland, Heath, Josephine, Lavon, Mesquite, Murphy, Nevada, Plano, Richardson, Rockwall, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, Sunnyvale, Terrell, Wylie for Dallas Solar Panels

Providing solutions for all your solar energy system needs.

Getting your Dallas Texas Solar Panels installed on your rooftop can power all electrical gadgets throughout your house. There will even be extra power to charge up electric cars and scooters. When people visit, you can even charge up their vehicles. Your Dallas solar energy system is ready to supply your power needs plus more.

Dallas Texas Solar Panels Service and Repair

You can get your solar system fine-tuned for peak performance and maximin power from your panels. 

Get as much energy out of your rooftop from your Dallas solar panels as possible.

Ensuring all connections are good and tight will prevent panels from dropping out of the system. Loose connections can cause a loss of 500 or more watts of solar energy to be missing. Your solar repair man sees to it everything is running at its best!

Texas Solar Panels Main Connections

All your Dallas Texas solar panels are wired to the main electrical panel installed inside the house. From there, all the electricity comes together, and any extra goes to charge up the batteries, or if using the net metering plan, it goes to the power grid. This ensures there is electricity for nighttime use when the sun is unavailable. This gives you maximum use of your solar system plus lowers your electric bill.

Solar Panel Installation Dallas

Your solar panel installation Dallas consists of panels, racking, inverters, a meter and electrical box. It's almost time to turn on your system and check it out.

Checking For Power From The Solar Panels

Power is now turned on and all connections are checked out to make sure everything is in top working order. The micro-inverters from each panel is checked for proper installation.

Everything Is Good To Go With Your Solar Energy

All is good to go and all power is ready for your main electric panel and circuit breakers. Your electric company is notified that your system is installed and prepared for their checks.

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Texas Solar Panels

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